Warsaw TORWAR ice rink
at Łazienkowska 6a

Warsaw TORWAR ice rink
TUE - 10.00-11.00
WED - 17.25-18.25

Warsaw TORWAR ice rink
SAT - 10.45-11.45 & 11.45-12.45
SUN - 8.30-9.30 & 9.30-10.30

zajęcia Warszawa kontakt
502 648 237 warszawa@walley.pl

OBOZY 2018 - lato
01-22.07 Cieszyn
19-26.08 Toruń

OBOZY 2018 - zima
21-28.01 Dębica
28.01-04.02 Krynica
10-17.02 Dębica

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Walley Figure Skating Club
phone: +48 515 184 555
+48 518 964 605
Warszawa: +48 502 648 237
Kraków/Skawina: +48 606 355 300
Łódź: +48 501 270 702
e-mail: walley@walley.pl

Learn to skate with us

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Ice-skating lessons – why with Walley?

What are we offering?

We are offering ice-skating lessons under professional supervision in a friendly atmosphere. They are fun and our learners derive great pleasure from them, no matter if they are beginners or advanced skaters. We are successful at teaching because we like it and we know how to do it.

Why should you choose us?


We are the only company which has that many experienced and highly-qualified instructors on the books.
We employ over 10 people who work exclusively for us. They are true professionals who upgrade their qualifications every year during trainings on our camps.
We use an individual approach towards each client. We work hard to create a friendly and family atmosphere and everyone is assured quality care and comfort. We organise recurring events which encourage integration, for example Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Secret Santa or end of season Fiesta. Our amateurs are also welcome to participate in a figure skating competition – Walley’s Cup – which we organize twice a year in Warsaw and Cracow.
For many years we have been providing our learners with a big dose of ice-skating fun during our camps in Cieszyn and Dębica. On these camps you can learn to skate as well as those who have attended regular lessons for half a year.

Kids like us because…

… because we understand their needs. We know that they learn to skate at their own pace, that they need well-balanced lessons – the younger the learner, the more fun and games they require. We know how to tell stories, we make them after each fall. Even the smallest success is rewarded with a compliment. We motivate our young learners and stimulate their imagination.

Lesson for young beginners always start with the basics. We help them get used to the ice rink and ice as such, we teach kids to properly sit on ice, fall and get up. After these skills have been mastered, the learners may begin to learn to skate stress-free.


We are good at motivating teenagers and adults

We use unconventional ways to conduct our lessons. Our instructors prepare them so as to make them more and more interesting. Lessons are adjusted to your needs because we listen to your suggestions and try to put your ideas into practice.
Our classes mainly focus on practicing elements for individual events, however, we sometimes add something extra characteristic for pair skating/ice dancing events or exercises typical for synchronised skating.
On individual lessons we can fully concentrate on elements of your choice, we can practice them together, mastering technique. We are also willing to prepare programs for amateur figure skating competitions or exhibitions.